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"Millions die annually from constantly breathing in black carbon soot that comes from cookstoves in their own homes, from diesel cars and trucks on their roads, from the open burning of agricultural waste in their fields," Clinton said. "Furthermore, methane ?C a greenhouse gas more than 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide ?C can also be an abundant source of energy if we capture it instead of just venting it into the air or flaring it."
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With no electricity, he's had more time to play with his daughter, Ariana, who turns 6 Friday. He's gotten to know his new neighbors since he's been sitting outside and chatting to pass the time.
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unveils his energy plan.
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There is "uncertainty in their own caucus," , D-Calif., said Friday. "I don't think we know what we'll be voting on from what minute to the next, because I don't think they know what we'll be voting on from one moment to the next."
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He has Arizona as a No. 2 seed, as a No. 3 and Stanford a No. 10. ?
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- Athletics: oly-trackandfield.
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WASHINGTON ? WASHINGTON President Barack Obama on Saturday urged Americans to take time from their "hurried lives" to listen to the heroic stories of veterans who returned to a country weary of war and deserved a better homecoming.
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Game 3 is Friday night in Dallas.
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Speaking out: K'Naan got his first taste of fame at the . In 1999, his manager, Sol Guy, got him a gig to perform for the for Refugees. "When I stood up there I thought, most people in my country will never have the voice to be heard by the But I did. So I took it; I did a poem criticizing the U.N. for its failed aid missions to Somalia," he says. "I figured that ended any possibility of a musical career for me. But it was the true and honest thing to do."
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