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Two days later, police obtained a search warrant for the home. Undercover officers pulled Merritt over after watching her drive away from the home. During the stop, detectives smelled marijuana and asked her if she had any. She then pulled two plastic bags stuffed with pot from underneath her bra.
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Fannie showed OSC’s proposal to the FHFA on May 9, and again faced no objections. The “final project recommendations” were then run by the regulator on September 28, as well as on follow-up calls on October 12 and October 22. Everything was in place: the only thing left was formal FHFA approval.
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The proposal was discussed and voted on after presentation of a feasibility study during the universitys quarterly board meeting on May 13. The feasibility study explored the demand for legal education, the job market for individuals with a law degree, the universitys capability of providing a unique educational experience in the field of law, and the benefits a law school would provide to the community.
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Astonishingly, Dharmasena deemed all the evidence at hand inconclusive to overturn the on-field call and Khawaja had to walk back in disbelief.
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Bailey agrees that when he makes portraits, he is thinking about the story he wants to tell, not how his subjects want to be seen by the world. 'I dont care if theyre happy, he says. Decades ago, he recalls, he photographed an actor who said, 'I hate this photo. This year the actors wife called Baileys studio to ask for a copy, 'because he thinks its the best picture ever taken of him. Bailey quotes his artistic hero: 'When Picasso did a drawing of Gertrude Stein, she said, "I dont look like that." He said, "You will."
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Last autumn, the Academy published Happy Families?, which challenged the idea that there was a breakdown of family life in the 1960s. This study (which, needless to say, was granted plenty of publicity by the systemically anti-family BBC) asserted instead that the strict codes of behaviour in the 1950s were abnormal. It is at best debatable whether Happy Families? is a serious work of historical research. Future scholars are more likely to view it, in so far as they consider it at all, as an important manifestation of the hostility felt by the intellectual elite to the traditional family at the start of the 21st century.
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Sonics owner Clay Bennett and his predecessor, Howard Schultz, have both said the Sonics couldn't remain in Seattle without public funding for a new arena. But despite the efforts of both of them, Stern, and a group of fans called "Save our Sonics," state lawmakers have given no indication that is a priority.
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Debby Wong, USA TODAY Sports
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