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Then poor old olcrom wanted to know about the deals which were done on rail fares, saying I must have been there. Come on, old chap.
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Senior Vice President-Operations 4,989 Disposition at $45.5 per share. 226,999 09/16/2013
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Here, then, are ten classic astronaut movies, Pour yourself a glass of Tang and read on to see tales of where we thought we were going someday told us instead about where we’ve been.
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2. ask yourself how could Stephen Hawking and the Physics Community not know what "potential" means by assigning zero to something (in this particular case, Gravitation POTENTIAL Energy) that is 100% potential? Obviously, if something is 100%, the constant one would use to quantify it is 1, and such a constant wouldn't be an arbitrary assignment (as the Physics Community says the assignment of the constant zero to GPE is, it could be any number, they say), it would be a NECESSARY assignment.?
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TESLA Motors, Elon Musk speech in Geneva Motor Show.
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